The Tim Hortons Gap

You know about the Darien Gap that stops you from driving to Columbia. But did you know about the 304 km Tim Hortons gap, that stops you from taking a well deserved bathroom/coffee/donut break when driving across the Canadian Rockies?

This needs to be solved. Also, I'm not sure about the one in Relvelstoke, it may be an urban legend.

At first, I tough Dubai got a Tim Hortons before Banff. But there may be a Tim Hortens at 100 Gopher street. However, it might be closed because it is a fire hazard. I guess people in Banff don't have the Internet because I can't get a straight answer. If there is a Tim Hortons in Banff, the Tim Hortons Gap is only 283km (but that can take you 4 hours in the Rockies!).

Agrandir le plan Last Tim Horons for 304 km!
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Remember, not all Tim Hortons are drive-thru. By the way, Tim Horton, the person, died in a car crash.

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