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This may be my lazyest post yet. But rather than embed my favourite podcasts, I figured I would copy and past my Google Reader RSS subscriptions. You can download these in the backgroud if you are browsing on your PS3. Please share your suggestions for podcasts in the comments. I'm interested in non-American and French language podcasts (video please, life is too short for audio-only). 

Watch Your Car Repair Live, IdeaCenter A310 PC, In-Flight WiFi Prices May Drop, eBook Readers' Prices Have Dropped & Invisibility Cloaks Are Coming - GeekBeat.TV

I Didn't Say I Pirated It, But Let's Just Say It's Awesome - Diggnation

Join in the discussion this week as we cover the dreaded Red Ring of Death attacks on the New Xbox 360, fashion models strip down... their faces, celebrities' uncanny similarities to cartoon characters, beer may be the healthiest alcohol ever, and opening a can of worms as the Obama administration cracks down on piracy issues!

Tech News Today 26: Do Not Point This Episode At Your Cat

Hosts: Tom MerrittBecky Worley and Erik Lanigan

Facebook's growth declines; Android 2.2 JavaScript 'demolishes' iOS 4's; Foursquare launches augmented reality; Lightsaber knockoff causes instant blindness, possible skin cancer; and more.

Download or subscribe to this show at http://twit.tv/tnt.

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