HDTV in New Brunswick

DVI-D HDMI 1080P 1080i 720p VGA Composite Component. Argh!!! I just want to watch TV!
OK, you live in New Brunswick, so why are you getting a TV with an HDTV tuner if no over the air stations are available here?
You live in New Brunsiwck, your cable HDTV box does not "support" HDMI or DVI. Both technologies are subject to digital rights management roadblocks and so Rogers just doesn't bother. There may be a DVI outlet on the cable box, but if your monitor/TV is DVI-D HDMC, won't work.
"Screw cable, I'm going to download programs and watch them on my HD monitor". Ah, but does your computer's video card agree? You may need to upgrade or you just dropped $500 on a high definition monitor for nothing.
"You got to get 1080p, 1080i is so 2007", Unfortunately for you, your cable box doesn't support 1080p, which is just as well, since there are no stations that broadcast at that resolution. But you could get a Blueray DVD player (such as a Play Station 3)... and watch movies filmed in 35 millimeter film (you would be better off with an old fashion projector, asssuming you had access to the films).

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