Dear Rex Murphy, Christians Need Impose Their Religion on Others

Rex Murphy seems to think that religion should over-ride democracy. 

Firstly, the idea that Christians MPs need to impose their faith on others by banning stuff is ludicrous. Christian MPs who are strongly against abortions, shouldn't have abortions. Should Muslim and Mormon Liberal MPs be allowed to leverage their Liberal party status to try to bring back prohibition? Or ban sex before marriage? Or outlaw condoms? No.

Religious radicals are free to form their own party. That's what the Conservatives did.


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Anonymous said...

I work in the alcohol business and it literally suffers a 100-year-old hangover from religious zealots imposing their will on the public ... and the politicians responding in kind.

When Rex Murphy whines about the high price of alcohol (I'm assuming he does, maybe he doesn't), does he factor religion into the equation or does he just blame 'big governments making a big tax gab'? By the way, most of the control boards are there for one purpose: to help massive companies like Diageo, Coors and a few others make enormous profits.


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