Saganash is Canada's Obama

Jean Chrétien did a terrible thing when he allowed the residential school system to continue to take aboriginals away from their family and culture while he was Indian Affairs Minister. One of the victims of this abduction and assimilation attempt was Romeo Saganash. Saganash clearly survived better than many others, and went on to get a law degree.

He is fluent in English and French, and, apparently, Spanish and Cree. He is the NDP federal MP for Abitibi - Baie-James - Nunavik - Eeyou. He has progressive values. His 3 children are grown up, and he is ready to lead a country.

Barak Obama was a long shot. So is Saganash. Obama, without is teleprompter and speechwriter, is dry and boring. In Sunday's debate, Saganash looked nervous. But with a bit of music... 

Jean Chrétien did a wonderful thing when he presented election act reforms that set strict limits on donations to political parties. You can take advantage of that. Your money has influence. If you haven't already donated this year, you can give $400 to the Saganash campaign, via the NDP web site, and you will get $300 back at tax time this Spring. If you have already given $1100 this year to a political party, you have reached your legal party donation limit. But you can still give an other $1100 to the Saganash campaign (but no tax credit if done in 2011).

Why is donating important? That is how Obama won. Donations. From people.


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