Immigrants to Canada Should Speak English and French

I am of the opinion that potential immigrants to Canada who speak English and French should be given more points. Potential immigrants who speak neither should be given less (ie, none).

Lack of local language skills is the number one irritant and probably the number one obstacle to integrating Canadian life. Even if they are fluent in English or French, they are at a significant disadvantage over other Canadians who took French or English as a second language in high school.


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Johane Levesque said...

I don't understand, are you saying that if the immigrant is fluent in French or English that they are at a disadvantage when compared to Canadians who've received second language education in either French or English?

Thing is, for what ever reason, they needed to leave their entire lives behind - family, friends, social network & support - to come to Canada (for safety/work/or what ever reason drove them to leave EVERYTHING behind...). I think we can offer them the opportunity to make a life for themselves here.


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