CBC Calls Ronald Reagan a Dictator (New iPad App)

Dear fellow Canadians,

I used to be a big fan of the CBC. But shows like Marketplace, The
Fifth Estate and Rick Mercer never seemed to be TV worthy anymore
(even with a DVR, there are only so many hours). Now with the CBC's
new iPad app, maybe they are worthy of that place we usually bring a
magazine to?

If you don't seem to be getting your tax dollars worth with the new
CBC app, you can also check out the francophone version (tou.tv) or,
gasp, American TV via the CITY TV and Global apps. If you can't stand
commercials, even while taking a dump, or if you like like British TV
sans annual $200 British TV tax (or UK rain), may I suggest Netflix
($8/month), or, for The Simpsons fans, iTunes ($2 per episode).

Turns out the perfect bowel movement lasts 22 minutes. ;)

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