Just Say No to Cats And Party Mergers + Diggnation Video

TV, politics and public transportation.

I watched the CEO of Zappos the other day on Leo Laporte say that you need to live your mission statement. What a bunch of baloney (second video at the bottom of this post). But just in case he is on to something:

-Nothing is on TV except sports, this is Summer.

-I hear the Bloc Quebecois wants to merge with the Wild Rose party. It will be lead by Mayor Miller.

-If you buy an iPhone 4, you will be less likely to have money to buy a car, and therefore more likely to walk, take the bus or, even better, stay home. Therefore, iPhones are good for the planet.

Enough wasting your time. Open a beer and watch Diggnation (if you watch this for work, the beer is tax-deductible). The serious Zappos guy (who says he fires people for not being humble) is in the video bellow the Diggnation video. I've listed the videos in order of quality. The Diggnation video is first, the Tony Hsieh video is after, because it is less good. In fact, some would say it is terrible. If I was worth 275 million dollars, would I spew nonsense on the web? (probably).

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