• 12:46 I just woke up from my first Twitter nightmare (that I remember). The same incomprehensible tweet kept appearing. Still shaken. #
  • 13:48 @castironstrawbr If you are ruled by a king, hard to be considered modern. Archaic would be the better term to define Dubai and Saudi A. #
  • 13:55 As a society, we need to punish drug users. Poor people are getting murdered because of them. #Jaffer #
  • 14:00 @acoyne Actually, just being charged with a drug offence gives him a "criminal reccord" as defined by US immigration. #
  • 14:06 @ryanjgagne You ignoring the horrible effects of drug addiction if you favour legalisation. #
  • 14:16 Over 2,000 people, including children, were murdered in Ciudad Juarez last year as a direct result of drug users like #Jaffer . #
  • 14:24 @AntoniaZ Notice, the ad says get tough on drug "dealers" not "users". Subtext: users are "victims". #
  • 14:30 Some countries give drug users the death penalty. Canada gives a $500 fine to a user cought while DRIVING! #Jaffer #
  • 14:40 Pour quelle raison que l'on doit voire le visage pour apprendre le français dans un cours alors que ce même cours est offert sur Internet? #
  • 14:44 A 1000 poeople work at Minacs Riverview!? @R0gueWarri0r Moncton area call centre to lose 200 jobs? Ouch! bit.ly/chz396 #
  • 15:43 Is "moving forward" the best slogan for Toyota considering acceleration issue? #
  • 15:47 This may be why folks watch Fox News RT @LovelyButton I am going to [... be on] Larry King tomorrow. #
  • 15:50 For your underweight friends only RT @RedFlagDeals Swiss Chalet: All-You-Can-Eat Fries with Adult Entree bit.ly/cKUlYL #
  • 16:11 @LovelyButton Well, you got me. I honestly thought you were going to be on Larry King. Good one! #
  • 16:17 What does it say about our society when @lovelybutton jokes about meeting Ludicrous and going on Larry King, and we all fall for it? #
  • 16:20 Small town Michigan nobody going on Larry King. Sure, makes sense. Man I'm gullible. #
  • 16:24 @NigelLarson I'm pretty sure she was admitting her previous tweet was a joke. Making her extreemly witty if you ask me. #
  • 16:49 Does the US still have levrage over Israel? I'm confused about wether or not the US is still sending aid to Israel. #
  • 16:51 @thecajunboy You realise you just publicly admitted to subscribing to Fox News. #
  • 17:48 Jews in the West Bank can vote. Muslims can't. That is Apartheid. #Israel #
  • 17:59 @jrambo001 Folks in California are allowed to vote. Many citizens of the West Bank would be happy with the rights of Californians. #
  • 20:31 "I was worried the car would flip" Reason given for not puting runnaway Toyota Prius in nutral. ??? #
  • 20:57 If you want a good laugh, check out the comments on that immigration article at canada.com (not on you mobile). #
  • 20:58 ... bugs me when folks say Canada is a land of immigrants. Um, no. Most people were born here. So were their parents and grand-parents. #
  • 21:05 ... I say bring back the head tax. You want to live in Canada, pay off our debt. (More from my blog: bit.ly/cGRSih ) #
  • 21:07 ... But let some in for free: altavistagoogle.blogspot.com/2009/03/immigrate-and-emigrate.html #
  • 21:15 I have way more than $500. Off to snort some coke and buy a Prius. #Jaffer #
  • 21:17 Moncton, who will we root for: Eskimos or Argos! Both are from evil cities. #
  • 21:20 I think #Jaffer will pull an OJ. We'll see him in jail eventually (hopefuly before he kills someone). #
  • 21:37 NASDAQ up 88% in 1yr. All my money is is my chequing account. :-( #
  • 05:26 @jrambo001 Israel is a Jewish state like South Africa was a White country or Toyota are safe cars. Branding is great, reality is different. #
  • 05:41 @jrambo001 Sure, just like Iranian democracy is "different". Different does not equal OK. #
  • 05:44 @jrambo001 Would you be in favour of denying the right to vote to Native Americans? #
  • 05:47 @decryption Ouch! And I thought C$110 was a Margeret Tatcher type poll tax robbery. #
  • 06:06 @decryption National Hockey League: 6 teams within 4 hours. greyhound.com twitpic.com/17p562 #
  • 06:26 Solution for downtown Moncton: street parking. It ain't pretty, but it works. (obviously, you enforce time limit so employees don't use it) #
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