Eastern Russians Revolt Against Auto Industry Rescue, So Should Atantic Canadians!

"The Russian people have started to open their eyes to what's happening in this country," said Andrei Ivanov, a 30-year-old manager who joined about 200 people at a rally in Moscow. "The current regime is not acting on behalf of the welfare of the people, but against the welfare of the people.''

Amen. And ditto for Canada. Not only do Canadians have to pay duty on better, and often cheaper, European and Asian cars, but now we are asked to bail out an industry that does absolutely nothing for our regions but suck up the wealth.

Have people stopped driving cars? Some have,  and that is good, because last time I checked, none of the bus drivers in Moncton lived in Ontario. But lets face it, the Canadian auto industry is suffering because of foreign competition. Some of it is unfair, such as the subsidised plants of Alabama, but most of it is plain Jane capitalism at work. The cost of transporting a compact car oversees is alot lower than for an SUV. And as people move away from the gas guzzlers (fool me once...), the domestic auto industry is suffering.

So what does New Brunswick get in exchange? Will Canada ban the use of Indian call centres? Reimpose tariffs on textiles? Require that furniture use Canadian lumber? No. Canada will do nothing to "protect" Atlantic Canada's economy except suck it dry of any extra cash people have in order to subsidise high paying jobs in Ontario. 

Time to ask Ontario to leave this federation. Time to take back control of our banking and telecommunications industry. Time to allow citizens to buy the best product at the best price at the best time (be it shipped via the Trans-Canada highway or via the port of Halifax). Time to take back control of our government.

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