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Barak Obama is the first President of United States born in Hawai.
Hawai is so far out in the Pacific, most of Europe is geographically
closer to Washington DC.


Granted, Obama reconfirmed his Americaness by living, as an adult, in
L.A., New York, Boston and, of course, Chicago. Still, the fact that
someone who was born and raised on the frindge of America, indeed,
outside of North America, can reside ,as comander in chief, in the
White House, is quite remarcable.

Remember, the USA does not give Porto Ricans, American citizens, the
right to vote in federal elections even though US law applies to the

Remember, the USA is a country that is so backwords that it murders
emprisoned children. As Jimmy Carter said when he accepted his Nobel
Peace prize, "the United States should end capital punishment of
children". Duh!

Remember, a country who's federal government can and will fire you for
being gay.


Obama isn't just a former Hawaian, he is a former resident of
Indonesia! Indeed, one of his half sisters was born in that country.

His father wasn't even American. Nore did he live in the US for very

And yes, as a result of Kenyan father, Obama is Black.

Frankly, it is a shame that Obama went to Harvard. Otherwise, he would
be George Bush's exact oposite.

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