0 pet cent Restaurant Tax

How do you stimulate the economy in a federation where almost
everything is made in China?

Roads are a provicial/state jurisdiction in Canada and the USA. It is
hard for the federal government to know if federal money won't simply
replace provincial or state money. In the case of 50/50 spending
"partnerships", there is the real risk that the province will divert
money from other projects.

Tax cuts are useless if people use the money to pay off their credit
cards or buy made in China TVs.

The federal government could pore money in to rail and high speed
rail, but projects are far from ready. Civil engineering jobs are
great, construction jobs are better.

So how about getting rid of the restaurant sales tax. Would you eat
out more if you got 13% more value? I would. Restaurant jobs won't
make anybody rich, but the vast majority of the money spent will stay
in the local economy. And that is a good thing.

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