GeoSweep Betting on the United Church, Abominations of Satan's Handiwork?

The United Church is against gambling. Bingo is a Catholic sport, you won't find that in a United Church. My mother wasn't even allowed to play cards!

Althought the United Church is quite progressive and ever changing, you still can't gamble in a united church. However, thanks to the Altantic Lottery Corporation and its new game GeoSweep, you can gamble on a united church.

But who would, right? Well at least one person has. If you are a reporter, you can go to his house and ask questions. Althought keep in mind that if you are the type of person to bet on a church that forbids gambling, you might also be the type of person to pick some random house and write "my home" on it, for the lulz (wasn`t me).

PS. Never realised Moncton-Riverview had so many Baptist churches! They seem to be on the fence/100% in favour when it comes to gambling.

So far, nobody has dared gamble on any of Altlantic Canada's 3 mosques. Oh, but so, so close.

And yes, GeoSweep uses Google Maps, of the don't do evil company. I guess abominations of Satan's handiwork desn't qualify. :)

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