Alberta Wild Rose Party Good For New Brunswick

Don't read this in Alberta unless you've already voted.
Disclaimer part 2: I'm writing this while watching my home team heroes fight the NY Rangers.

A Wild Rose Government of Alberta would be good for New Brunswick:
-Lower Alberta taxes: More money in the hands of Woodbuffalens to send back to New Brunswick.
-Crazy anti social policies: Woodbuffalens are less likely to move their families west.
-If Wild Rose manage to lower Alberta taxes, the Canadian government can take the opportunity to increase them. Nobody in New Brunswick makes over $40,000, so higher federal taxes on the "rich" would be cool beans with us.
-Health Care cuts. Albertans wouldn't live as long. Obviously, that is a good thing.
-All about oil. The Progressives Conservatives keep trying to diversify the Alberta economy. "Diversify" is code for stealing tech support and pizza making jobs from New Brunswick. Wild Rose would have none of that. It's all about the oil, baby.

That's it. Alberta is the Israel of Canada. Not that relevant. :)

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