Charmaine Noronha Fails at Math

AP's CHARMAINE NORONHA fails at math (Charlie Sheen Toro... on TwitpicCharmaine Noronha is a AP reporter who obviously went into journalism as she was lousy at math (and possibly every other subject).

Mistakes happen, but since I don't know how to contact the AP directly (I fail at communications), hopefully this blog post will make Charmaine Noronha fact check next time she writes about money*.

Repetski paid $96 (CA$100) for his ticket. Ticket prices range from $76 (CA$80) to US$105 (CA$110)

That should have been Rapetski paid $96 (CA$ 92) for his ticket. Ticket prices range from $76 (CA $73) to US$105 (CA$101). Or, if the ticket were C$100, US$104, with ticket prices possibly ranging from C$80 (US$83) to C$110 (US$114).

The worse part is you don't even need to do the math, even Windows 7 has a currency widget that you can put on your desktop.

If you can't do basic math, avoid it

* I realise Charmaine Noronha does't read this blog, but if I put some unknown person's name in a blog post title, in this case Charmaine Noronha, and repeat their name over and over, it tends to get good Google ranking. And she probably Google's herself. 

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